How to Contribute

The World War II period, as well as the years short before, are unfortunately not visually well documented. With some exceptions like the Fontoura Album — it is very difficult to find images that may help us to understand life in the Island at that time. Due to the destruction in witch Timor found herself at the time of the reoccupation by the Portuguese Administration, it is possible that most of the existing images and document’s remains had simply disappeared under the ruins.

We therefore decided to ask you, in case you have photos or documents referring this period you may be willing to share with us, to send them to the following e-mail: Stories or family accounts helping to enlighten this theme will also be sincerely welcome.

It is important to mention that we will probably not be able to publish everything you send. A choice, however subjective, will certainly have to be made. In case of no existing indication of privacy we will assume the owners of documents and photographs will agree with it’s publication. The ownership and the text’s authorship will obviously be mentioned.

Thank you all.